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KEVIN AUSTIN - Artist & Songwriter

KEVIN AUSTIN - Artist & Songwriter

KEVIN AUSTIN - Artist & Songwriter


"Hold on to your dreams"


Swedish/American singer Kevin Austin has always been an entertainer, and has already been doing everything from getting as a 14 year old headhunted to perform at the annual Christmas musical ”Jultrad-i-ton” at the famous venue ”Göteborgs Operan” in Gothenburg, SWE, to make an appearance at the world famous TV-show ”The Ellen Show”, led by Ellen DeGeneres herself!



Kevin has followed his dreams since a very young age, despite his uphill battle growing up in a narrow minded small town outside Gothenburg, SWE.
At the age of 20 he finally packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles.
He worked on his own material and quickly got to work as a demo singer for RnB artist Jason Derulo among others. He also participated on the soundtrack of Disney's popular hit series ”Shake It Up - Made in Japan”. 

2011, did Kevin had the great honor to perform at the world famous ”The Ellen Show” led by Ellen DeGeneres, and because of a back injury, did Kevin get to take over Ellen's famous song and dance routine as the opening of the program.
2013 did Kevin return to Sweden to release his own material and his first single ”Wanna Go” which was released in April 2014.
This opened up new doors that finally in 2017 Kevin, alongside with Jimmy Jansson and Isa Ljunggren at “Capitol Records”, released his hit single ”Stereotype”.
A song about being the one you are, realizing we all are different, and don’t be a stereotype.
He also became the first ambassador for the organization ”Under Kevlaret”

(Under the kevlar). An organization who works to prevent the macho culture, to create a plattform for mental illness among men and get them to speak out about their feelings and to show emotions. An organization that later was going to become the start of something bigger within himself. 

Later that year, his own life finally catches up to him. It became a long process, with lots of time to rebuild himself and figure out who he really is and wanted to be. It also became the foundation for his single “New Beginning”, that was released three years later. A song about starting fresh, realizing life is too short, leave the old behind, needing a fresh start in order to come out stronger on the other side!

The new collaboration with LoudKult is something that Kevin is looking forward to. Before the end of 2020 he released a remix of ”New Beginning” together with Maciel, and he finally released the anticipated single”Let Them Talk”. A song that takes us further on to the journey of becoming a stronger individual, and to not let other opinions affect you! 

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